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アナンダ アンチオキシダント-リッチ ジェントル トナー


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商品名:アナンダ アンチオキシダント-リッチ ジェントル トナー


Bring bliss to stressed and damaged skin
Bring bliss to stressed skin as premium botanical extracts blend with the natural minerals in pure 15,000-year-old Waiwera? artesian water that springs from deep within the New Zealand earth. Omega and antioxidant-rich raspberry seed assists in increasing lipid content and decreasing moisture loss. Aloe vera and anti-inflammatory marshmallow act to soothe irritated or stressed skin, while mamaku black fern helps regenerate and foster healthy cells.

Discover for yourself the secret enchantment of exquisite Bulgarian rose oil, with the petals from thousands of handpicked roses used to make a single precious drop.

What it is:
Ananda Antioxidant Rich Gentle Toner fosters healthy skin cell turnover with mamaku black fern, along with raspberry extract that is high in omegas to help strengthen stressed and delicate skin. It showcases Waiwera mineral-rich water, which has been voted the world’s best water*, to deliver skin-nourishing antioxidants and nutrients to the epidermal layer. Use of a premium organic toner can dramatically improve the skin’s texture and its ability to absorb essential nutrients, and is a must-have part of a daily beauty ritual. Its light and enchanting scent features exquisite Bulgarian rose oil, with the petals of thousands of handpicked roses required to make a single precious drop. *New York laboratory, independent study of 50 women.

– Refreshes and strengthens stressed skin
– Dermatologically approved for sensitive skin
– Natural extracts of fragrant Bulgarian rose
– Skin is left refreshed and nourished

Key Ingredients:
– Waiwera mineral water delivers beneficial nutrients and antioxidants to the skin’s epidermal layer
– Mamaku black fern extract firms, protects and generates cell growth
– Raspbery seed oil nourishes and moisturises while being a skin repairing antioxidant

Suited to irritated and sun-damaged skin conditions, and dermatologically approved for sensitive skin*.
ELEMENTS OF BEAUTY: Waiwera mineral water, Mamaku black fern & Raspberry seed oil
* Dermatologically approved for sensitive skin. Independent laboratory study: 50 women with sensitive skin, New York (2011)

水(ニュージーランド ワイウェラの天然水)、アロエベラ*、ママクエキス(cyathea medullaris)、グルコノラクトン、安息香酸ナトリウム、デヒドロ酢酸、ベンジルアルコール、ビサボロール、マーシュマロウエキス(althaea officinalis)、ラズベリーエキス(rubus idaeus)、ダマスクローズオイル(rosa damasca)*

Spray generously across your face, neck and d?colletage several times a day for an immediate moisture boost and relief from environmental aggressors.
Spray Antipodes Ananda Antioxidant Rich Gentle Toner across your face and neck several times a day for an immediate moisture boost and soothing relief from environmental aggressors.